Current Prices

At Drive-2-Arrive we aim to keep lesson costs down so that you can afford to have the best chance of getting yourself on the road as a safe and competent driver.  We think that you will feel you receive value for money.  We always make sure that you get a full hour lesson and you drive as much as possible during that time as you will only progress by actually being behind the wheel!  We do not believe in having long stationary periods for briefings as this does not help you to progress.

The first 1 hour  lesson for all new drivers, who book a ten hour block, is free as this involves introducing you to the car and the controls and does not involve a lot of driving.

After this we charge £35 per hour if you pay as you go along.

If you choose to book and pay for 10 lessons in advance then we charge £320( a saving of £30). Please be aware that if you do not choose to complete the block, all lessons (including any free lesson) will be charged at the higher rate and we reserve the right to refuse refunds depending on the circumstances.

In addition we will give you a free lesson for every student that you introduce to us once they have started driving with us!

We do not offer Pass Plus because we cover all except the motorway section of this in every driving course.  We believe it is an essential, not an extra.

If, after passing, you do not feel confident on the motorway we offer a motorway driving lesson at £35 per hour.  This will last between 2 and 3 hours depending on the traffic conditions.

We are always happy to do refresher courses at £35 per hour as well as courses for drivers changing to a British Licence.

Should you have any further queries please contact us and we will do our very best to help you!

4 thoughts on “Current Prices

  1. Caroline Cousins says:

    Im interested in driving lessons with you. I have had some experience and would like to learn manual im interested in paying for the lessons as pay as you go if this is avaiable as i get paid weekly. Im off for 6 weeks and avaiable most week days

    • We would be happy to teach you – I will get Paul to contact you as soon as he gets in from his lessons today. Summer holidays are a good time to learn as he is much more available as there are no school runs!

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