Road Safety Awareness Week

The national road safety charity BRAKE is again running a Road Safety Week (17-23 November 2014) and is asking everyone to ‘look out for each other’ on roads. Our company name Drive-2-Arrive was first born as we agree with the charity that being selfish can easily lead to tragedy.  This year the charity are particularly calling on drivers to protect people on foot and bike by slowing down to 20 in communities, looking twice and taking it slow at junctions and bends, and giving people plenty of room. They are also calling on everyone to put safety first and be considerate to one another, encouraging people on foot and bike to never take chances, and make sure they can be seen.  At Drive-2-Arrive we teach considerate and safe driving as we feel passionately that  all road users MUST be jointly responsible for keeping our roads safe.  Learn with us and we will endeavour to teach you to be a considerate and careful driver for life.  Please spread this important message from Brake and Drive-2-Arrive to all you family and friends.  You could encourage them to ‘Make the Brake Pledge’ to drive safely by visiting the charity website on this link ; you never know, it could make all the difference! There is plenty of other important and useful information on the 2young2die website for young and new drivers.

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